Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am honored and pleased to invite you to attend the 2nd anniversary VHRC symposium. The mission of VHRC is to improve the survival and wellness of all humans by encouraging clinical translation of benchworks in the field of atherosclerotic cardiovascular heart diseases. This this symposim will share updates in the translational research of cardiovascular medicine.

This year we will focus on the recent progress in the research of coronary CT and frontier intravascular imaging. Moreover, we will talk with vascular calcification and diabetic vasculopathy, the new uprising research topics, and introduce novel innovative therapeutic approach for cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Farouc A Jaffer (a pioneer of molecular imaging of cardiovascular diseases and intravascular OCT-NIRF imaging catheter), Dr. Elena Aikawa (a leading scientist in the mechanism research of valvular and vascular calcification), and Dr. Aloke V Finn (a renowned leader in the pathologic research of human atheromata) will join the symposium and share their expertise and perspectives. In addition, domestic famouse cardiologists will be joined to exchange their ideas and achievements in the field of cardiology.

We sincerely look forward to meeting you at the 2nd VHRC symposium.

Kiyuk Chang /Jin-Ho Choi / Eun-Seok Shin / Jin-Won Kim MD


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